Top Mobile App Development Ideas for Cleaning Industries


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We live in the age where time is money. Most of the discoveries and inventions these days are aims at saving humans time. We want everything to be done quickly and efficiently. We live as if we do not have enough time. However, all of us get same 24 hours every day. Apps help us save our time in different domains. One such kind of app is for the cleaning industry. These apps save us energy and time in our office and house maintenance.

We need a clean ambiance to live a clean and healthy life. Cleaning services revolve around vacuuming, mopping floors, dusting, and much more. You can now take the help of professionals to do all this for you.

There is an app for all kind of Canopy Cleaning services you may need. The on-demand cleaning services apps are for those who do not get time to regularly clean their residential or commercial place.

You can even create your on-demand cleaning service app now with the help of the best app developers India. With such an app, you can offer the best cleaning and housekeeping services and set up a lucrative home service business. Whether you are a home-service business owner or an entrepreneur looking to develop an on-demand app for the cleaning service, you can now offer quality cleaning services with the help of an app to your clients.

To provide you a better idea on how you can create an on-demand cleaning service app or enhance your present one, here are a few app ideas that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

On-Demand Model

This model is perfect for those who already have a home-service business consisting of a fully vetted crew of handymen and professional cleaners. All you will need is a good on-demand app that will get you better business and enhance your client experience. Creating your own tailored on-demand cleaning service mobile app for different domains like home, office, industrial sites, societies, and more will simplify the lives of your clients by managing every service request with an app having the facility of real-time tracking. With this kind of app, your clients can:

  • Click to request cleaning and housekeeping experts to get a specific job done.
  • Pay online.
  • Get a fair and fixed price quote for the work.
  • Schedule an appointment according to their convenience.
  • Rate the services offered by the professionals.

With an on-demand model, businesses can offer both quality experience and service to client with a simple to use app.

Curation App

Another idea is to create a mobile app that comprises of a complete directory of professional and experience cleaning and housekeeping cleaning experts in the nearby areas. You can build an app where professional can enlist themselves under particular categories of cleaning services. This kind of app generally caters to customers as a reference, offering people the information they need for a variety of services, the equipment and techniques used, and reviews and ratings of the professionals. With this cleaning app model, your clients can:

  • Find out certified experts for different types of cleaning jobs.
  • Get a complete list of nearby cleaning experts.
  • Compare rates charged by cleaning experts.
  • Get detailed information about the cleaning professionals like timing, rating, reviews, special equipment details, estimates, and more.

Online Marketplace

Start-ups can also offer high-quality cleaning services by developing an online marketplace-based app that connects freelance background-checked and experienced cleaning professionals with people who want to get their property cleaned. Using this app, people can hire individuals based on their reviews, ratings, and fees. With this type of app model, people can benefit by:

  • Choosing an expert according to the requirement and booking an appointment
  • Checking reviews and ratings and business profile of cleaning experts
  • Getting custom estimates from different cleaning experts
  • Posting job requests or hiring a cleaning expert located nearby.
  • Rating and reviewing a service after completion of a job.

What Categories Can be Added In a Cleaning Service App?

  • General Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Home Cleaning Deep Cleaning
  • After-construction cleaning
  • Move in and move out cleaning
  • And more

These are some of the basic services that you can provide with mobile app for cleaning industries. You can ask your software development company India to add more categories, or request customized elements or pages to be added according to your specific business requirements.

At Rushkar, we can help you create a fully-customized app for the cleaning industry customized for your cleaning business. With our apps, you can establish a marketplace that can suit your specific business model and help you grow.


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