How to Decorate Your Home for a Family Function

decorative hanging lights 

We have several occasions such as birthday, engagement, wedding, marriage anniversary, and reception in our personal lives. When you decide to celebrate such an event like a birthday party at home, you start thinking of making the place as per the celebration’s need. In this arrangement, you pay attention to everything associated with your abode and the family function. Some of you have no idea how to decorate your home for a family function. Here are some useful ideas that you can apply in decorating your abode:

Repair the physical damages

After some months or years, a structure starts having cracks on walls, floors, ceilings, etc. and other physical damages if its maintenance is ignored. It is possible with your home too. And an injury in any form can break the enjoyment of the celebration or leave destructive impacts on others. When a family event is around the corner, have a close look at each part and every area of your abode and repair the cracks/damages if it has. Besides buying the requisite items, hire a mason and a few labourers for the repair work if it is hard for you to do it yourself.     

Paint the entire space with a fresh coat of paint

Having a fresh coat of paint to your home walls & ceilings and furniture pieces is the most inexpensive way to give a new look for a personal occasion at home. Pay more attention to painting your abode if it needs painting more. Before you start painting your home, choose the colour wisely. And in the colour selection, value the theme and your choice & taste of colours. 

Get rid of empty walls. 

Usually, empty walls in any space are dull and boring. It reveals that an owner is a soft person. For a family event such as a wedding or birthday celebration, you invite your near & dear ones. Sometimes, you have the guests who come to you for the first time. In such a case, you will leave a wrong impression on them. If you have empty walls in your abode, you should get rid of the same and think of installing/hanging different types of wall arts, from paintings, stickers, and frame sets to wooden hangings and wallpapers. With this step, your home will have an appealing look from the inside. 

Wash or change your furnishing items

Regular cleaning of furnishing items like bedsheets, pillow covers, curtains, cushion covers, and blinds is crucial for you. However, you should pay utmost attention to these objects’ cleanness when a family function is around the corner. Have a close look at all the furnishing items two or three days before and get them washed & cleaned if you find out they need cleaning. Replace the one which has wears & tears.

Value home organisation 

Organising things is essential for each space, which belongs to us, as no one loves a cluttered home/office. It would help if you valued it. However, pay more attention to your home organisation when you decide to celebrate any occasion at your abode and invite numerous known people to participate in the function. For the organisation, have a proper plan and execute the same honestly. In planning, make an exact list of things that belong to a particular space in your home. While working on the plan, remove the items that don’t associate with space. Further, you must remove the unnecessary or unused items from your abode.  

Have more lights 

Lighting is a pivotal part of the decoration for any space on any occasion. So, your family function at your home is not out of this. While lighting your abode, you should opt for installing decorative hanging lights in addition to your general lighting. You can go with wall lights, pole lamps, ceiling lights, pendant lamps, and allied others in the process. Installing a set of several different decorative lights will help you have an additional lighting advantage for an event at home.      


A family function is valuable for all – you, your family members, and your guests. Making it more successful and enjoyable for all depends on you. So, value everything from lighting to decoration. Your careful planning and execution will help you leave positive impressions on guests.


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