Educational challenges and opportunities


While the countries round the globe are struggling to limit the rapid increase in COVID 19 cases, the education sector is overlooked. Though the middle Government, government , and therefore the Education Ministry have asked all the institutes, schools, and universities to adopt the virtual model of imparting education. the first idea behind this was students are going to be getting access to education from the comfort of their home. To an extent, this framework has helped tons of youngsters everywhere the planet .

However, an equivalent policy has impacted adversely for the foremost marginalized, poverty-stricken, and vulnerable children. This sector of youngsters already suffers tons due to their respective economic conditions. These students were already struggling for equal education and job opportunities. COVID 19 has worsened it more. Even before the pandemic, numerous children were school less which weren’t seen or addressed by the govt .

Even though the govt and therefore the education ministry try their utmost to curb this gap. This pandemic has questioned the 2 most vital norms. One is how these marginalized and vulnerable students are going to be getting a top quality education. Question two is what is going to happen if an epidemic like this may hit us within the near future. Both questions have a crucial role to play within the GDP of the country also .

Let’s check out how a number of the simplest schools are imparting education within the amid of COVID 19:

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Ensuring safely education transmission until school reopens physically

If schools and universities are closed due to a worldwide pandemic then schools, government, and administration should make alternative plans that ought to regulate proper learning and teaching processes. There are various modes like radio, tv, cellphone, internet through which the training process are often displayed. Also, special attention must tend to the language used while imparting education through online platforms. Teachers and management should look from the student’s perspective while designing a web class curriculum. the highest rated schools in Faridabad like Dynasty International School have already built a web platform through which they not only teach their kids but also conduct an array of extracurricular activities to offer a compulsory break to kids from monotonous online learning.

Reopening Safe School

Schools, Government, Health Ministry, and therefore the Education Ministry should work very closely and responsible before notifying students and fogeys about reopening schools. it’s important to research the present situation as students are very susceptible to viruses. they ought to prepare themselves for the physical opening of the varsity . Schools should teach about the health crisis. they ought to give them accurate facts and figures which will help them to find out about the virus better. aside from it, practicing guidelines given by the Health Ministry and World Health organization would be of great use. the opposite very significant thing schools got to teach their teachers is that the importance of psychological state . Be it physical or remote learning, it’s really important to understand how the scholars are feeling? Often teachers aren’t curious about knowing students beyond their academic parameters. But this old fashioned practice should be changed. there’s no certain or uncertain reason why a student might feel this particular way. But as teachers, motivators we should always proactively work for our student’s healthiness in both ways physically and mentally.

Sustaining safe school premises and healthy communities

the govt should use schools as a broader way of imparting awareness about the general public health crisis. Students should know everything about the worldwide pandemic. they ought to even be taught the way to be responsible children and citizens of the country by helping other children. a method of teaching them is to assist children and other people of the country who are less empowered than them. Why is it important to remain at home? this manner students will actually find out how to contribute their share within the country’s development or growth. the faculties , are already doing all of this. Giving life lessons along side the tutorial ones will help students to grow in an overall manner. Alongside these schools should accompany an idea to curb the contingency within the future.

Calculated losses should be taken

Knowing that remote learning can help only a couple of scholars but the trouble should be made to form learning as productive as possible. Schools or the govt should specialise in improving the talents of scholars . Further, they ought to value skill-based teaching also . Most of the scholars are suffering huge losses in their learning thanks to this pandemic.

The losses aren’t only limited to education but quite that like food and nutrition. The sustainability of vulnerable students has inherit question. Shutting down schools has locked girls and ladies in their homes. they’re affected by severe abusive tortures or violence . there’s no correct thanks to justify it. it’s only hampering the general growth of the country by leaving girls and ladies during a dark place.

Therefore, it’s the necessity of the hour to return up with better policing and monitor their proper functioning very closely. CBSE schools in Faridabad have given the civil right to both the genders to find out and become the noble citizens of the country. They both are given an equivalent quality of education.

Innovation within the Education Sector

COVID 19 has urged the need of innovations within the education sector. one among the most important challenges to face is to offer quality education to all or any the sectors of scholars . This pandemic has pushed the country’s economy into undesirable figures. during this situation, providing all the scholars with an honest quality education is difficult. because the government won’t be ready to structure for its expenditures. We hope that each one these problems get solved really soon. But on an equivalent note, we can’t rely completely on destiny or luck. we’ve to place our greatest foot forward to ace these problems. We as a community need to close for the betterment of things . So, let’s close .


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