5 Reasons you should purchase from lab grown diamonds wholesaler


Lab diamonds are the future of shopping diamonds that are grown in a laboratory under expert supervision. Lab diamond is increasing in demand with the flow of time. There was a time when people thought they couldn’t afford diamonds due to their high price. However, times have changed as lab diamonds came into the market. Many retailers prefer buying from lab grown diamonds wholesaler as they are an economical and profitable option. If you, as a retailer, are purchasing lab diamonds for your future customers, you should know the benefits of switching to lab diamonds. Since many customers don’t know the difference between Natural vs. Lab Created Diamonds, you have to throw some light on the matter. Hence, to help all the retailers purchasing from lab grown diamonds wholesaler, we have curated some points and benefits of owning a lab diamond.

  • They are Real diamonds:

One thing that every business owner should know that i.e. Lab diamonds are Real diamonds. Though they are artificially grown by experts, they have the same chemical composition as the real ones.

While purchasing from lab grown diamonds wholesaler, you should have the details of the development process. The development process means the ways we grow lab diamonds in our laboratory. There are two different methods that we use to create a lab diamond.

  1. HPHT Method:

The High Pressure High Temperature method, also known as HPHT, uses immense heat and pressure. We use an HPHT chamber where we put a diamond seed. Experts place the diamond seed in carbon before beginning the process. Now, they introduce intense heat and pressure inside the chamber. The heat and pressure should be enough to break the carbon down and settle in with the diamond seed. After settling, we cool it down to form an HPHT lab-grown Diamond. An interesting point to note here is that the method of formation of natural diamonds as well.

  1. CVD Method:

The Chemical Vapour Deposition, also known as CVD Diamonds, uses gases instead of intense pressure. In this process, experts use a CVD chamber to carry out the procedure. Similar to the HPHT method, we have to place a diamond seed inside the container. But the similarity ends here. After placing the diamond seed in the chamber, they heat up the insides. Now that the container is hot enough, they fill it up with carbon-rich gases. These gases break down in the presence of heat and attach themselves to the diamond seed. After settling, we have our CVD lab grown diamond ready.

Though both of the methods produce high-quality lab diamonds, as a retailer, you can choose from any of the following while purchasing from lab grown diamonds wholesaler. Many lab grown diamonds wholesaler prefer a CVD Diamond manufacturer as they are better in quality.

It is easier to control the quality of diamond in a CVD Chamber as in, HPHT a diamond seed can produce cracks due to the pressure.

  • Affordable diamonds:

If any customers say that they can’t afford diamonds, tell them to think again. A Lab diamond is way more affordable and economical than a natural one. There are many reasons for its affordability.

  1. One of them is that there is less labor cost involved. While mining diamonds, the companies depend upon the labor force with heavy machinery. On the other hand, while manufacturing lab diamonds, the labor cost goes down.
  2. Another factor is transportation. While mining natural ones, the company has to bear the transportation cost because we don’t have diamond mines available in every region. There are numerous cases where companies mine diamonds from a different country altogether. So naturally, the cost rises up.
  • Cruelty-free way of developing diamonds:

As we mentioned earlier, natural diamonds need mining. But are these mining processes cruelty-free?

  1. Though companies depend on laborers for the mining procedure, many of these laborers are underpaid. They are not provided with enough payments to afford a living for themselves or a family.
  2. Many mining grounds also have child laborers working for them. A child working in a hazardous environment instead of studying is clearly a human rights violation.
  3. The environmental status of a mining ground can be hazardous to health. There are many gases and dangerous conditions in a mining ground. Exposing laborers to that level of toxicity while underpaying them is involved in most diamond mining.
  4. Many of these laborers don’t have access to proper equipment or a healthcare facility. As mentioned earlier, they are present in an environment that is prone to landslides and collapses. So, in other words, laborers risk their lives every day to mine natural diamonds without getting a proper payment or health care benefit.

However, while you shift to a lab diamond, all these possibilities are dismissed. Since they are grown in a laboratory under various experts, there is no cruelty with laborers.

  • No marketing strategy by big owners

Did you know that natural diamonds are not as rare as the companies portray them? Though the formation of a natural diamond takes a lot of time, it is not rare. The diamond company giants make it rare.

They regulate the market by limiting the supply of diamonds. Now that we have a limited supply, they create a marketing strategy stating its rarity and increasing the price.

Luckily, no such thing happens with lab grown diamonds. Almost every lab grown diamonds wholesaler doesn’t follow this marketing strategy, making it an economical option for their customers.

  • Better quality and customizable diamonds

Almost every natural diamonds have inclusions present in them. One cannot prevent the inclusions as they form naturally. Here comes the game-changer. You can control the quality of diamonds while growing them in a laboratory. And, we can also customize them according to the customer’s need.

If you are a retailer looking for a trustworthy lab grown diamonds wholesaler for your business, Finegrown Diamonds are one of the finest lab diamond manufacturers and wholesalers. At Finegrown diamonds, you not only get sustainable diamonds, but you can also customize them according to your business needs.


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